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Tumblr family and friends This is Syrah. She has been missing since the 22nd of this month. Syrah is 16 years old, 5’3”, 180lbs and of African American decent. She has dark brown eyes and natural hair, which is usually worn in two strand twist or a twist out. The last time she was seen was with a large black man. She does NOT have a cell phone. The police have been contacted but were no help what so ever. Please, I urge you to share and reblog to bring awareness to her absence. If you are in the L.A./ Long Beach area in California please be keep watch. If you see her, approach her with caution. They have been spotted once since she went missing and was being aggressive and pushy with her when he noticed that someone recognized who she was. If you see her please contact Paula Shin on face book. (Click the picture to be linked to her facebook or click the link below) Thank you for your time. 

Paula Shin:

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i want to befriend all pretty bitches that like to fuck. 

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It’s vintage glamour with an attitude.

Dont just sit there call me!

Call Button

For this photo alone is a prize

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PARTYNEXTDOOR - recognize ft Drake

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the following is a PSA.

if you layer properly, you can wear a hoodie in any weather.

this has been a PSA.

where do you live sir

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Zombie Shane

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if preachers can sneak and cheat, anybody can.

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my friend just got prayed to by a preacher because they just said sex 

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i used to get whoopings for acting “grown”. my step dad beat my ass cause i said he could get out the house if he didnt want my pet rabbit there. it was completely uncalled for he even threatened to kill me. now he’s dead

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there is so much going on in this video


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we, as women, need to stop pretending we can change men. we have this mentality that we can transform a fuckboy into a gentlemen, and that’s just not how it works. once a fuckboy, always a fuckboy. don’t waste your time on a man who won’t waste his time on you

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I wanna be naked in the woods. on top of the trees. i wanna be a bird

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Me & my afro love compliments

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